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21 April 2008 @ 09:35 pm

Welcome to Wonder Girls member Kim Yoobin's official Livejournal fanlisting! I'm tooriginal the founder of this community and Yoobin's close friend. I'm (one of) the biggest fan of Kim Yoobin and my purpose to start this fanlisting is to gather all dedicated fans (like me) of Yoobin in Livejournal!

Do you have any idea who Kim Yoobin is? If not you can read her profile here.

♥ Requirements for joining:
   • You HAVE to be a Yoobin fan
   • You HAVE to be a fan of the rest of the Wonder Girls members
   • No bashing of Yoobin, nor any other Wonder Girls members, will be tolerated.

   • This is a FANLISTING, no other posts are to be made on this community.
   • Do not bash Yoobin, or any other artistes its rude :(.
   • You don't have to be a member to be part of the fanlisting, but it would be great to be listed under the lj database :D

Click Here for the application form!

yoobinfanlist is a part of saranglists so please make your way over there and see what other fanlistings there are to join!




if you wanna affiliate with me then email me at definition.0f.beauty@hotmail.com or comment